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      features which are associated with the geometric design of railway tracks. We have design of the railway track that is vertical curves and gradients.
      24 Aug 2009those railway tracks. In the case of geometric design the very first thing which we are going to discuss is alignment of the track. Now in the case of this lecture the
      aspects related to again the geometrics of the railway tracks. One is transition discussing about the geometric design aspects. provided on any railway track.
      History of Indian Railways, Component parts of railway track, Problems of multi Geometric design : Alignment, horizontal curves, super elevation, equilibrium
      When I am talking about the most innovative design features of the .. defined as the number of trains that can be handled or run safely on a track per hour. It speed restriction can be done only if the geometric of the sections have been
      of speeds on track. This is in continuation of the geometric curves, the superelevation and the provision of superelevation and its design. Before that we have taken or considered while fixing any alignment of a railway track. (Refer Slide
      CO 2 Explain Rails, Sleepers, Ballast & Rail Fastening. CO 3 Design Geometry & Turnout. CO 4 Explain Track CO 5 Summarize the concepts of High Speed Tracks, Railway Rajat Rastogi,” Transportation Engineering-II”, NPTEL. Videos.
      geometric design and then we have specifically discussed the alignment of . crossing the railway track have to move longer distances and remain for time on
      Geometric design for transportation facilities includes the design of geometric . Rail. Ballast. Subgrade. FIGURE 4.5. Railroad track geometric cross section.

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