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      15 Mar 2013
      29 Jan 2017 The Forgotten Depths is a large cavern beneath the Throne of Thunder where few enter. After destroying the massive turtle, adventurers will
      Defeat the bosses in the ancient caverns beneath the Throne of Thunder. In the Pandaria Raid Achievements category. Added in World of Warcraft: Mists of
      Forums Technical Support forgotten depths. forgotten depths. Technical Support. Tides of Vengeance PTR General Discussion, BFA Dungeons
      nests only require a few people, so if queueing with DPS/heal friends, you win. Forgotten Depths has been out for what, 4-5 days at this point? . growin a pair so we can get these done and we can get people more gear.
      8 Feb 201319 Mar 2013 Throne of Thunder: “Forgotten Depths” LFR Overview Forgotten Depths LFR Loot; Treasures of the Thunder King Loot; LFR . Boss Guides .. Make sure to have a couple dps jump down into the nests with a healer to kill
      21 Mar 2013 One group with a healer and three DPS should jump to the illuminated In this article: forgotten-depths, in-5-seconds, ji-kun, ji-kun-guide, lfr,
      19 Mar 2013 DPS: Priority is Bats>Turtles>Boss. Aoe bats down, kill turtles and kick them into the boss to debuff him with Shell Concussion. Don’t kick all at
      logistics in boss killings. Forgotten Wastes Nchuleftingth. Guide to making $$$ in Tamriel: Warden Bow Healer/DPS Hybrid Build:

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