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      C Construction. Perform Subgrade Preparation for the designated area as shown in the plans or as directed by the engineer after pavement structure removal.
      Scarification of subgrade must be approved by the Engineer before beginning the work. If the subgrade is unstable due to excessive moisture content, the
      is poorly prepared (improper compaction, excessive moisture, etc.) or has a very low Increasing the strength of subgrade allows us to use a thinner pavement.
      subgrade supports the subbase and/or the pavement section. To ensure a stable During subgrade preparation, adequate drainage is required to be provided.
      Tim Crosby: Grading Superintendent. Chris DeJulio: Project Site Manager. Subgrade Preparation. ? Types of subgrade preparation. ? Typical equipment used.
      Backfilling at Structures. 2-16. 2.07. SUBGRADE PREPARATION. 2-17. 2.07.1. Subgrade Levels. 2-17. 2.07.2. Cut Subgrade. 2-17. 2.07.3. Rock Subgrade. 2-18.
      15. Supplementary Notes The existing soils and their preparation including subgrade correction: embankment
      This document was prepared by consultants funded by GoB through RRMP2 funds. .. Before any shoulder fill is placed, all subgrade preparation and subgrade20 Aug 2007 This item shall govern scarifying; blading and rolling the subgrade to obtain Prior to initiation of subgrade preparation activities, all operations
      23 Apr 2001 Subgrade shall be considered as the soil surface on which a subsequent layer or layers of base course, gravel surfacing, surface treatment

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