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      Goldor Manor can be found by heading south from Amur. The “main” area of the second floor is a dead end, but is chock full of valuable Treasure, so don’t miss it
      27 Jul 2013 Goldor Manor – Final Fantasy III: Goldor Manor Enemies: Gold Warrior, Gold Bear, Nightmare, Lost Gold, Gold Knight, Goldor (boss).
      Details on encounters, treasure, shops, and more for the Goldor Manor 1F map in Final Fantasy III (FF3, FF3j, FFIII, Famicom)
      28 Aug 2012 For Final Fantasy III on the DS, Goldor Manor by Seferaga.
      16 Oct 2010
      30 Jul 2015 Begin first, when you enter, by going to the northernmost part of the room and into the next area. There, go north, then west to the wall. Go south
      17 May 2016Goldor Manor, also known as Goldor’s Mansion, is a location in Final Fantasy III found on the southern tip of the large eastern continent on the Surface World,
      The restoration of the Water Crystal resumed the flow of time, and allowed the continents to re-emerge from the darkness that covered the world. But the Warriors

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