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      Manual Part No. of AMMCO®, COATS® and BADA® Automotive Service Equipment and Tools. Revision: 11/02. 7900. Twin Cutter. Tool. ®. Operating Instructions with Parts Identification . Turn the end knob of the left boring bar microme-.
      ii • AMMCO Drum & Disc Brake Lathes. Safety. Table of Model 6950 Twin Cutter – 4000 & 7500 . . . . . . . .8. Rotor Mounting . owner all information, manuals, and provide AMMCO .. turning the drum and holding a cutting tool against the.
      Ammco. All with 6900 & 6950 Twin Cutter. 40609 / Twin Cutter – Standard Model For Ammco .. Silencer Bands For Rotors Eliminate chatter when turning rotors and drums. SVI # 37 BL-10170 910346 / 40063 1 Cross Feed Guide Bar.
      The 6950 Twin Cutter Tool mounts on the lathe in place of the boring bar. It resurfaces both faces of a brake rotor simultaneously. Each tool holder is individually
      6900 Twin Facing Tool, on Ammco Stand with Backboard and Accessories. 240 volts. prior to bidding, description & photos should be used as a guide only.Items 1 – 25 of 46 Search results for ‘rotors 6900 Twin Facing Tool’ 6950 Twin Cutter · 6950 Twin AMMCO® Brake Lathe 4000B Combination Disc and Drum.
      Manual Part No.: 940940 06 READ these instructions before placing unit in service. 2 • AMMCO Drum & Disc Brake Lathes .. *28800 twin cutter with positive rake tool hold- ers and 1 920666 Clamp, Boring Bar, Lower (Except. 7500). 8.
      You are bidding on an Ammco 6900 Twin Facing Tool Brake Lathe. The item Item comes with matching “facing tool bit”, some cutter dials, and the bench with wheels that it sits on However Please follow the instructions there. Payment in
      2 Dec 2014

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