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      Examples of configurable options include output voltage, startup time, slew rate, system level sequencing, switching frequency, sleep modes, operating modes
      Part No. ACT8311. Download, ACT8311 Click to view. File Size, 363.74 Kbytes. Page, 10 Pages. Maker, ACTIVE-SEMI [Active-Semi, Inc]. Homepage
      ACT8311 PDF ????? : ?? ?? ? ??? These devices operate with a fixed frequency of battery. The ACT8311 is capable of supplying up to 1.5A of.
      Name: ACT8310. Producer: Active-Semi. File: ACT8310.pdf. Download datasheet: Active-Semi ACT8310 – ACT8310-(ACT8309 – ACT8311) PWM Step-Down
      reached. ACT2801 charges battery with full cycle of precondition- Power-OK Output. ACT8311. 5.5. 1500. TDFN33-8. Power-OK Output. Multi-FunctionThe patent-pending ACT8310/ACT8311 are cur- rent-mode, fixed-frequency PWM, synchronous step-down DC/DC converters that are capable of delivering
      The PAC5210 belongs to Active-Semi’s Power Application Controller (PACĀ®) family. The PACĀ® family of products are highly-optimized SOC devices that can
      Active-Semi ACT8311 datasheet, (ACT8309 – ACT8311) PWM Step-Down DC/DCs (1-page), ACT8311 datasheet, ACT8311 pdf, ACT8311 datasheet pdf, ACT8311 pinouts. These devices operate with a fixed frequency of. 1.35MHz
      3 May 2017 ActiveSwitcherTM is a trademark of Active-Semi. 1 full advantage of the IC’s capability, the user must connect the EVK kit to a PC . ACT8311.

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