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      Trapezius Myalgia: Making Dentistry a Pain in the Neck — or Head pain are multifactorial; however, in dentistry, the upper trapezius muscle is the culprit in a
      Myalgia is generally known as muscle ache or muscle pain. Trapezius myalgia (TM) is the complaint of pain, stiffness and tightness of the upper trapezius
      PDF | Bilateral open biopsies from the painful upper part of the trapezius muscle were studied in 17 patients with localized chronic myalgia related to static load
      Background: Neck pain is highly prevalent in the general population. Chronic trapezius myalgia (CTM) is a common cause of neck pain. Methods: Systematic
      TRAPEZIUS MUSCLE. BY. DONALD WILSON. In 1934 Sylvest published a monograph in Danish entitled ” Epidemic Myalgia-Bornholm Disease ” in which he
      Evidence of abnormalities of upper trapezius recruitment were pain [2,28,46], local muscle injury [17], and or muscle pain [49], altered postural control.
      Physical exercise in the rehabilitation of trapezius myalgia. – a randomized controlled workplace intervention trial including a cross-sectional baseline study.
      and how metabolites in trapezius muscle are affected by acute tissue trauma is .. in females with work-related muscle pain and chronic trapezius myalgia17,18.19 Feb 2014 In a small sample of elderly computer workers with neck/shoulder pain 38% had trapezius myalgia [12]. However, a more detailed relationship
      Scapular dyskinesis in trapezius myalgia and intraexaminer reproducibility of clinical tests. Birgit Juul-Kristensen, RPT, PhD,1 Kenneth Hilt, RPT,4 Flemming

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