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      problems of equivalence in translation

      stylistic equivalence

      loss and gain in translation slidesharetranslation loss definition

      loss and gain in translation process

      13 Jun 2012 Lecture 4: Basic Concepts and Terminology of Translation Studies there is “loss” in the translation process, that complete equivalence is
      Translation of literary texts, especially poetry, is one of the most difficult tasks; translators in translating the Mu’allaqat: inevitable loss and avertable loss.
      of this approach is promoting quality translation of core, prioritised health related efficiently and therefore economically than un-editable PDF or hard copy.
      Equivalence, gain and loss (divergence) are well-established and the most prevalent concepts in both the theoretical and applied translation studies. In the process of translation, total equivalence is hardly achieved because of some gain and loss. Anton Popovic (1976) has
      Machine translation from polysynthetic to fusional languages is a challenging task, which gets further complicated by the limited amount of parallel text available.
      1 Mar 2009 translation strategies that led to cultural losses and to emphasize the translation process to see how the decisions taken led to a loss of the.
      Translation loss, Quran Syntax and Rhetoric, Verbal Similarity. Introduction. The Quran is the perfect Word of Allah (SWT) revealed to Prophet. Muhammad
      Due to the discrepancies between English and Arabic as two languages of different families, one is Endo-European and the other Semitic, loss in translation is
      Whereas semantic losses result from cases of mistranslation, superficial interpretation of the semantic and pragmatic equivalents, and literal translation, culturaltranslation of “The Beasts of England” in Animal Farm from English to Kiswahili – Shamba la. Wanyama. Keywords: translation, loss, gain, meaning. GJHSS-G

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