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      In order for your design to be printed, you have to submit the image itself in the correct dimensions and matching the guidelines. Guidelines for each product can
      Printful – Custom Printing & Warehousing added 2 new photos. Be sure to update your print files to make sure they fit the new sizing guidelines, so that nothing
      23 May 2017 The next step is creating a vector image of your design. It helps Select “Shirts” and find the shirt size/type you want to create a mockup of.
      1 Mar 2017 File & image size is the top offender. One of the most common issues is with the size of either the file itself or the image you’re printing.
      What is Printful’s print file content policy? How do I create a How can I create a mockup image for my t-shirts? What is DPI, resolution and actual print file size?
      19 Mar 2016 mhulse central GitHub repository Check out my WIKI! – mhulse/
      Acceptable Content Guidelines. Ecommerce is a global connector that bridges merchants with customers all over the world. Printful is proud to empower anyone
      29 Mar 2018 These tools can help you generate t-shirt images without any need for image they offer templates for every style of shirt you can print on using Printful. . They offer guidelines on how to use the files, but you’ll need imageTo get started, here are some general rules of thumb to keep in mind when thinking about print files: Max. printing area: 12?16 inches and we scale print files down depending on the t-shirt model and size. DPI: Files have to be a minimum of 150 dpi (digital pixels per inch) to ensure optimal quality.
      29 Jun 2015

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