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      the Synoptic Gospels and to see if it leads to any specific solution of the Synoptic problem. With the development of form-critical research, the traditional.
      Form criticism as a method of biblical criticism classifies units of scripture by literary pattern and then attempts to trace each type to its period of oral transmission. Karl Ludwig Schmidt, Martin Dibelius (1883-1947) and Rudolf Bultmann later applied form criticism to the Gospels.
      Form Criticism appeared upon the scene and offered to throw light upon this period. It proposed to investigate the stage of oral tradition, to study the Gospel material as it was current in detached pieces before the parts were collected and incorporated in the written documents.

      9 Nov 2012 [1] The three main scholars in the field of form criticism were Karl Ludwig . of the synoptic gospels during the practice of their form criticism.The first step to understanding the parables of Jesus is form-critical classification. Form Criticism has to do with the oral tradition that lies behind the written gospels. It is much more than a simple exercise in taxomony. It allows us to determine various levels of interpretation of sayings of Jesus.
      Weston, Mass. Shortly after the World War there arose a new school of Gospel criticism 3 I have seen only F. X. Pierce, S.J., “Form Criticism of the Synoptics.”.
      1 Jan 2018 A systematic method of analyzing the genres of the basic oral units preserved in literary works to clarify the history of their formation. The term
      What presuppositions are there behind form criticism? popularized form criticism in the twentieth century, relating it to the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels. His work History of the Synoptic Tradition caused much discussion regarding what
      4 Form Criticism 3 Oral Tradition aThe sayings of Jesus and stories about what he did were not written down during his life. aVarious sayings and stories
      Form-critical methods were first applied systematically to the Gospels by three (1) The Synoptic Gospels are “popular” or “folk” literature rather than literary

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