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      1 Aug 2018 PDF | p>The buffaloes are reared by many races under diverse Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Indian Buffalo Breeds by DNA Markers.
      Karnataka has six indigenous cattle breeds of which the Deoni cattle breed . Animal Genetic Resources of India, Cattle and Buffalo, ICAR publication and indigenous_breeds_Cattle%20and%20Buffalo.pdf accessed on 29th August, 2014).
      Breeds of Cattle and Buffalo. Gir. This breed is otherwise called as Bhadawari, Desan, Gujarati, Kathiawari, Sorthi, and Surati. Red Sindhi. This breed is otherwise called as Red Karachi and Sindhi and Mahi. Sahiwal. Originated in Montgomery region of undivided India. Hallikar. Amritmahal. Khillari. Kangayam. Bargur.

      Buffalo breeds. Murrah. Surti. Jaffrabadi. Bhadawari. Nili Ravi. Mehsana. Nagpuri. Toda.
      14 Jun 2017 ABSTRACT. The buffalo species originated in India. The present day domesticated buffaloes are the descendants of Bos arni found in wild
      emphasizing the specific aspects of the various buffalo breeds and their . Only Italy, India and Pakistan created dairy purpose buffalo and their number isIndia has rich repository of buffalo breeds with 13 recognized breeds and the best known breeds of buffaloes are Murrah, Nili-Ravi, Jaffarabadi, Surti and
      PREFACE TO THE THIRD EDITION. THE bulletin “Characteristics of Cattle and’ Buffalo Breeds in India” was first brought out in 1960 and later revised in 1973.
      This breed originates from the Indo valley (Indian buffalo). There is some evidence that buffalo were raised in Lorestan (Iran) in the 9th Century B.C. since six
      DANGI. RED KANDHARI. GAULAU. KRISHNAKATHI. MEWATI. CATTLE. There are total 27 documented Indian breeds of cattles in different regions of India

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