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      Advanced tutorials for the Free Audacity sound editing program. Intro Mix – part 2 – learn to put tracks together in Audacity. This is the second part of a tutorial
      A short guide for using Audacity to mix more than one audio track into a song or soundtrack combining multiple sources.

      21 Mar 2013
      Mixing and blending Music with Audacity. Launch Audacity. (Start => All Programs => Audacity). Note: If Audacity is not already on your computer, refer to the
      7 Jan 2017
      Audacity: Mixing two tracks into one. Objective. Open the first audio file. Figure 1: Audacity, Track view. Import your other audio track. Use the Time Shift Tool to change when each audio track starts playing. Figure 2: Audacity, Selecting the Time Shift Tool. Figure 3: Audacity-Using the Time Shift Tool.In this Software video tutorial you will learn how to remix popular songs in Audacity. Open Audacity. Go to file > open and find your song for remixing. Then go to
      Part 1. Adding Tracks. Download and install Audacity. Download and install the LAME MP3 encoder. Launch Audacity. Open the songs you want to combine. Start a new project. Copy the first song. Paste the song into the new project. Add a second audio track to the new project.
      Mixing refers to the process of combining multiple Audacity tracks which play but it can also physically mix selected multiple tracks together into one within the
      29 Jan 2016

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